Student writing on Homer Babbidge Library


The English Department at the University of Connecticut is a unique place for graduate creative writers, offering them a chance to participate in an active community of creative writers while working toward a more traditional M.A. or Ph.D. Graduate students may opt to take creative writing workshops (ordinarily, at least one workshop in fiction, poetry or creative nonfiction is offered each academic year) as well as submit their work to the numerous writing contests open to UConn graduate students.

For decades the Department has fostered a unique group of graduate creative writers: some who have M.F.A.s and who return to complete .M.As and Ph.D.s in literature; some who arrive with publications or manuscripts in progress; others who simply welcome an environment in which they can continue to write creatively as they work toward their respective degrees.

While graduate students at UConn do not earn M.F.A. degrees in creative writing, they may participate in a creative writing community that serves to supplement their degree programs and their writing lives. The Creative Writing Program sponsors the Long River Reading Series, featuring the work of graduate and undergraduate student writers. The accomplished work of graduate student writers also appears frequently in Poetic Journeys and in the Long River Review, a literary magazine sponsored by the Creative Writing Program.

Graduate students are encouraged to attend guest author readings that take place several times a month on campus. Students are also offered the opportunity to meet with guest authors in a more informal setting.

Finally, graduate student writers at UConn are encouraged to join the Graduate Writers Activities Committee, where they can participate in small writing workshops and other social activities.

For more information about graduate-level creative writing at the University of Connecticut, please contact the Creative Writing Program office.

To obtain an application, please contact Mary Udal in the Graduate English Office: (860) 486-2329, or e-mail