Undergraduate Students

The English Department offers a Certificate of Concentration in Creative Writing to those students who have taken four or more courses in creative writing and/or related courses. The Concentration is open to students from any major. It is designed to give participants a firm artistic and critical foundation in one or more creative writing genres. The Concentration allows students to hone their writing skills closely over the course of several semesters with different members of the writing faculty. It is an excellent preparation for students hoping to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in writing degree. A student fulfilling requirements for the Concentration will receive a letter of certification from the English Department following graduation.

All students wishing to fulfill the requirements for a Concentration in Creative Writing must take English 1701 (formerly 146) and a minimum of twelve credits from among the following:

At least six credits, with a minimum of two creative writing workshops in English 3701 (formerly 246), 3703 (247) or English 3705 (245). English 3701 (246), 3703 (247) and English 3705 (245) can be repeated for credit toward the certificate and graduation.

At least three credits, with a minimum of one of the following: English 2401 (210) – Poetry; English 2407 (216) – The Short Story; English 3403 (211) – Modern British and American Poetry; or English 3409 (212) – The Modern Novel.

Electives include:

  • English 3003W (249W) – Advanced Expository WritingAdvanced Expository Writing offers students an opportunity to write and analyze essays, usually on topics related to students’ individual interests and needs.
  • English 3011C (294C) – PublishingPublishing is a survey of the magazine and book publishing industries.
  • English 3692 (296) – Aesthetics and Practice of Small Magazines.Aesthetics and Practice of Small Magazines is a practicum course in which students study a wide range of literary journals such as The Paris Review, The Kenyon Review, and The Gettysburg Review as models while editing UConn’s own undergraduate literary journal, The Long River Review.

A third course in Literature, Playwriting or Writing for Television such as English 3707 (202) or 3709 (203) – Film Writing may be used as an elective with permission of the Creative Writing Program Director.

Courses required for a Concentration in Creative Writing are independent of those required for the English Major. For further information, contact Inda Watrus in the Undergraduate Advisory Office, CLAS 209.