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Spring 2021 Creative Writing Courses at Storrs

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Certificate of Concentration in Creative Writing

The English Department offers a Certificate of Concentration in Creative Writing to students who have completed fifteen or more credits in creative writing and/or related courses. The Concentration is open to students from any major, and it is designed to give participants a firm artistic and critical foundation in one or more creative writing genres. The Concentration allows students to hone their writing skills closely over the course of several semesters with different members of the writing faculty, and it is an excellent preparation for students hoping to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in writing degree. Courses taken for the Concentration should be graded rather than a pass/fail option. A student fulfilling requirements for the Concentration will receive a letter of certification from the English Department following graduation.

All students wishing to fulfill the requirements for a Concentration in Creative Writing must take English 1701 (formerly 146) and a minimum of twelve credits from among the following:

At least six credits, with a minimum of two creative writing workshops in English 3701 (formerly 246), 3703 (247) or English 3705 (245). English 3701 (246), 3703 (247) and English 3705 (245) can be repeated for credit toward the certificate and graduation.

At least six credits of the following creative writing workshop courses:
ENGL 3701 – Creative Writing II
ENGL 3703 – Advanced Creative Writing
ENGL 3705/DRAM 3141 – Playwriting
ENGL 3701, 3703, and 3705 may be repeated for credit toward graduation and the concentration with a change in topic
ENGL 3707 – 3709 – Film Writing
ENGL 3711 – Writing for Child and Young Adult Audiences
ENGL 3715- Nature Writing Workshop

At least three credits of literature focused on the close study of a single genre:
ENGL 2401- Poetry
ENGL 2405 – Drama
ENGL 2407 – The Short Story
ENGL 2408 – Modern Drama
ENGL 2409 – The Modern Novel

Electives include:
ENGL 2413 – The Graphic Novel
ENGL 3003W – Advanced Expository Writing
ENGL 3012- Book Publishing
ENGL 3013-Media Publishing
ENGL 3403 – Modern Poetry in English
ENGL 3713- Literary Magazine Editing.

Another course in Literature may be used as an elective with permission of the Creative Writing Program Director.

Please note that there are restrictions on the number of writing courses that can apply to both the English major and the Concentration in Creative Writing. For further information on the restrictions, please visit Inda Watrous in AUST 201b or email

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