Writing Contest Guidelines

The following is a guideline overview for the contests. Each contest has its own set of guidelines in the contests page, so please read each one carefully. Guidelines for art can be found below.


Application packets should be e-mailed to CreativeWritingContests@uconn.edu. The subject line must indicate the full name of the contest you are submitting your work for and the genre of your submission (for example: “Collins Literary Prizes: poetry or prose”). The submission should consist of one document that contains:

  1. The cover sheet, using this format (Cover Sheet).
  2. The work being submitted must be in MS Word format (PDFs will not be accepted). Your student ID number must appear on every page; your name must not appear on the work itself, only on the cover sheet.

Work arriving after the deadline cannot be considered.


All work submitted for the Wallace Stevens Prize, Collins Prizes, Hackman Awards, Aetna Creative Nonfiction Awards, Aetna Children’s Literature Award, and the Long River Graduate Awards will also be considered for publication in the 2019 issue of the Long River Review, UConn’s nationally award-winning literary magazine. If you do NOT wish your entry to be considered for publication, please specify so on the cover sheet.

The same work may be submitted to different contests. However, the genre of a piece cannot be relabeled. Work entered as “Fiction” in one contest may NOT be entered elsewhere as “Nonfiction.” Please determine the genre of your work and indicate it on your cover sheet and in the header or footer of the piece.

While your name must not appear anywhere but on the cover sheet, you MUST put the full title and genre of your piece in a header or footer on every page.


Submit artwork according to the following specifications:

  • Please submit a high-resolution jpeg of art work.

Note: All entries must include a cover sheet with the following information:

  • title of work
  • medium
  • your name
  • local address
  • local phone number
  • email address
  • student ID number
  • short description of piece